XMAS... how do I HATE thee? Let Me Count The Ways... - DAY #1

  As you can guess from the title, I am not a huge fan of the Christian Festival of Naked Consumerism known as Xmas. I don't like anything about it. In fact, there is so much I disapprove about this out-dated ruse that I am going to post every day this month, describing each and every aspect of my argument against this pseudo-religious pose, and hopefully by New Year's I will have proved my point beyond all doubt why rational humans should not only cancel it, once and for all, but also erase it from history, so that future generations may be spared the tyranny of this orgy of false beliefs and unnecessary expenditures.
  You are Probably thinking to yourself, "That's great Scrooge...you'll get yours" but you would be mistaken to think it is with a black heart and empty soul that I condemn this seasonal waste of resources. I do actually "make merry", I buy people shit from the store, and I decorate the house. I force my kids to do charity work, and I generally tolerate all the phony salutations, parties, unwanted re-gifts of more shit I don't need or want etc etc etc... I simply am not a Christian, and therefore resent being bullied into adhering to traditions dictated by that oppressive antiquated collection of  theocratic presumptions. Also, I am an Anarchist, and an Humanist, and I despise how Christianity has manipulated the expectations of children, and in turn put all adults such as myself into a headlock, forcing us to adhere to its dictates, lest we be accused of robbing the dreams and the joy from the very hearts and minds of the Innocent.
  That said, I will go about my business this entire month of December, going through the motions, buying and preparing, and partying, but all the while keeping a keen eye open, upon the hypocrisy and lies, the false and shallow sentiments, taking notes, and reporting back to you, my gentle readers, with each and every reason for doing away with this Awful, Inconvenient and Embarrassing Compromise of Real Actual Ethics: those, that otherwise would declare..."Fuck this shit, not in my house you don't!!!"
  No kid, I promise you, by month's end, after seeing the evidence I will gather and present, I will have cured you of any trace of Christmas Spirit that may reside in you as result of the ruthless indoctrination process that Western Society has, sadly, already burned deep into your psyche. Happy Holidays Anways, Asshole!

...and the reindeer you rode in on!

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