Looks like October 31st falls on a Monday this year, which means there will be parties on Friday, Saturday, as well as the day itself! It is sure to be a raucous session that will span four entire days and evenings! 

Unbridled Bacchanalia

I still have not decided what I will wear for a costume, "fancy-dress" being the order of the day(s). This problem of "what to go as" always makes me a little crazy(er).

"Knock Yourself Out" but not literally, please.

I'm confident that I can pull off something spectacular, I always do...I shall return  with photos to prove it, but as I mentioned above, there will be copious amounts of liquor involved, and since I firmly believe that computers and booze do not mix (keyboard gets sticky) I may or may not be fully available online this special weekend.

The Age of Computering

So, be careful trick or treat-ing and dress warmly in reflective clothing, except you ladies, who should wear the skimpiest, and most cheaply produced "slutty-themed" outfits that the dollar store can provide, because nothing says Halloween like a completely drunken girl wearing a half-falling-off vinyl "sexy-nurse" outfit.

Breifly, we would like to pause for Station Identification

Digging the sounds of Ritchie Blackmore & Rainbow


I'm still hard at work putting together my "Best Of Ruby" reel, compiling the finest moments of genius character-actor Jenny Tomasin's portrayal of sub-normal dim-wit Ruby Finch from the 70's British TV show Upstairs Downstairs. Its taking me longer than I thought because every scene she's in is simply brilliant. From her mis-shapen head and drawn-on unibrow, to the way the simplest frustrations completely stymie the poor dear, there is nothing I don't like about this actress. Just check out the complexity of facial gestures in this scene as her dreams of selling ice-cream at the movie theater are summarily squashed by her boss, Mrs. Bridges...

 When I went to do an Internet Search for more examples of the work of Miss Tomasin, there was precious little to be found, seems the poor girl had done her career a dis-service by allowing herself to go "Full Retard"
Still, I think shes a doll! Check her out at the beach! Hubba Hubba!

And that's nothing! I've got hours more footage to work my way through, and hopefully by next week I will have compiled the "definitive" Jenny Tomasin/Ruby Finch Star Tribute, and at long last we can give the girl her due.

Buck up Ruby! You'll be ok.


I'm working on a "best of" compilation of every scene in the 70s period serial "Upstairs Downstairs" containing Jenny Tomasin in her role as the marginally retarded scullery maid Ruby Finch. They never really gave her the spotlight she so richly deserves, and it has caused me to wade through 5 seasons of one-hour episodes trying to glean the seconds worth of cinema gold she brings to the tiniest gestures and walk-on moments. Here's a little taste of what you have in store....