John Travolto at John's Fever

Anyone got the english language version of this?
also looking for " Brilliantina Rock A.K.A. Disco King", "Disco Delerio" and "La Dicoteca"

When Will Man Ever Truly Know Right From Wrong (sorry if re-post)

Bear with me as I attempt to get these images righted

Can Easily Tell Where This One's Goin'

"Not Impressed"


"No Nazi, srsly"

This is actually supposed to be really important shit, but we shall need to get back to this later.


Do you realize? If You don't; well they are talking about it all over internet forums and on college campuses all across the land; and you can see, as illustated in the video clip embedded here and below; shiz gettin real my ngas. just viddy and see for yourself!
Also; NEXT POST IS #600

For Your Lulz-sideration...

There is a lot of cheap banter on the www as to the provenance of this presented preformer in the embedded video below. Many say; "GENIUS", I, however, do not say that! Except this clip. He is actually funny in this one.

Also; Charles Neilson Reiley, is pretty classy up there as well.

20x worse than anything you think you could imagind