Welp, kids... Google finally caught me. It only took them TWO FUCKING YEARS. In this time I managed to defraud Google's advertizing clients out of OVER 600 (six-hundred) THOUSAND DOLLARS(not even lying)! The assholes at Google adsense like to think they have it all under control, when in reality they simply turn a blind eye to the whole racket because they are getting rich off the ignorance of their advertizes. Yeah, I was tight lipped, until now... FGt Adsense B& me!!!!
If they really thought they could stop click-fraud they would have banned every single follower of this blog, but Google doesn't care. They like click-fraud, whatever I manage to steal, they immediately take their 60% cut. So that means, since I made 600k, Google must have pocketed ...er... lots more! If their advertizes had any inkling of just how pervasive click-fraud is, they would run screaming. At least 80% of all clicks on Google Adsense ads are forgeries.

am 12 yr. old and what is this?
WAKE UP. Pay per click advertizing is like pop machines from the 1960s i.e. really easy to steal from. Simply do this; make a blog, get Adsense, go to 4chan and find a click fraud ring on irc....$$$$PROFIT$$$$. If you don't do it now you may not be able to do it in the future (they are actually getting better at detection)
Do You Even Lift, fgt?