Jim Thompson, translated into french, and then translated into english again

"And suddenly, this gap is not just here, everywhere, in every house. At the same time, it is filled with noise and fury of visions, of all things ugly and sinister that this vacuum has caused.
The poor defenseless little girls who cry when they saw their father slip into bed. Men who beat their wives and women screaming supplications. The kids who pee in bed, anxiety and fear, and their mothers punish them by sprinkling of red pepper. Their faces gaunt, haggard, ravaged by scurvy and tapeworms. Undernourishment, debt always stronger than the credit. The obsession, how we eat, where they will sleep, how we will meet our poor ass naked. The kind of obsession that, when you have nothing else in the head, better to be dead. Because it is a vacuum of ideas, when you're dead inside, and that does more than spread the shit, terror, tears, cries, torture, hunger and the shame of his own death. Of his own emptiness. "


I've heard about this mister spock character, namely how badass he's supposed to be.
He don't seem so tough to me, he's just a funny clown.
    Look, I got his pistol! He's lucky I didn't shoot his ass!

                                                      The Champ gives his victory salute!


I realize this video is old in internet time, but ima put it here so i can watch it more often. Mr. Ghetto needs to drop a ablum already. sup w/ THAT?