Looks like October 31st falls on a Monday this year, which means there will be parties on Friday, Saturday, as well as the day itself! It is sure to be a raucous session that will span four entire days and evenings! 

Unbridled Bacchanalia

I still have not decided what I will wear for a costume, "fancy-dress" being the order of the day(s). This problem of "what to go as" always makes me a little crazy(er).

"Knock Yourself Out" but not literally, please.

I'm confident that I can pull off something spectacular, I always do...I shall return  with photos to prove it, but as I mentioned above, there will be copious amounts of liquor involved, and since I firmly believe that computers and booze do not mix (keyboard gets sticky) I may or may not be fully available online this special weekend.

The Age of Computering

So, be careful trick or treat-ing and dress warmly in reflective clothing, except you ladies, who should wear the skimpiest, and most cheaply produced "slutty-themed" outfits that the dollar store can provide, because nothing says Halloween like a completely drunken girl wearing a half-falling-off vinyl "sexy-nurse" outfit.

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