I'm still hard at work putting together my "Best Of Ruby" reel, compiling the finest moments of genius character-actor Jenny Tomasin's portrayal of sub-normal dim-wit Ruby Finch from the 70's British TV show Upstairs Downstairs. Its taking me longer than I thought because every scene she's in is simply brilliant. From her mis-shapen head and drawn-on unibrow, to the way the simplest frustrations completely stymie the poor dear, there is nothing I don't like about this actress. Just check out the complexity of facial gestures in this scene as her dreams of selling ice-cream at the movie theater are summarily squashed by her boss, Mrs. Bridges...

 When I went to do an Internet Search for more examples of the work of Miss Tomasin, there was precious little to be found, seems the poor girl had done her career a dis-service by allowing herself to go "Full Retard"
Still, I think shes a doll! Check her out at the beach! Hubba Hubba!

And that's nothing! I've got hours more footage to work my way through, and hopefully by next week I will have compiled the "definitive" Jenny Tomasin/Ruby Finch Star Tribute, and at long last we can give the girl her due.

Buck up Ruby! You'll be ok.