At first I was expecting a shit-storm of adverse reactions from readers at Gog & Magog Blog. Torrents of objection to my systematic dismantling of the holiday season; but nobody seems to care. I was starting to think that maybe most people actually agree with me that Xmas is bunk (not to mention; for sissies) and my heart was warmed by these thoughts. It moved me to spearhead my big "Xmas Phase-Out" campaign where we move to celebrate the occasion bi-annually, at first, and then move it to 5 year intervals, before graduating to the third tier of my scheme, where it is removed all together. No one can talk me out of this excellent plan, and I think I can force enough people into believing in it too, if I just keep working those bus stops, dough-nut shops, and other generally public places. I feel like I can generate a lot of community support for this. I have confidence.
 Then, today, someone sent this e-card to my inbox.

   What is this even supposed to mean? Is it some sort of an insult? I don't understand, it is a protest message of some sort...
  Then the more as I look at it I start to get angry. Who do these fuckers think they're dealing with? I'm not sure either, but I'm gonna find out, I've got network monitoring software, and systems tracking devices; so, Mister Shitty-Santa, there AIN'T no SECRETS on the INTERNET, and I take these kind of veiled threats very, very seriously. I promise you, I'll track you down and make you pay dearly for sending this thing to my inbox. Don't think you won't pay! By Christmastime! You just watch your back because the next time you see me ... you WON'T see me.

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