We're at this party given by these three "beatnik-dropout" types, it's the nineteen-eighties, we're crashing it; and they're actually pretteh cool with this idea.
 These 3 guys who "own" this apartment, they are all local celebrities (acid dealers). They; all three, got kicked out of high-school... all in the same year.!"
  These dudes should have been in a band. Tonight they were, they were preforming, informally for their gathered friends, en ensemble. The line up was;
 1. Wally Kewalski, drums (actually an assortment of cardboard boxes and cooking pots played with chop-sticks)
2.  Mickael Glassford, Thumb-organ; kazoo, chorus.
3. Blom Blommermen(not actual name); antagonistic strategies, drum-machine, acoustic guitar.

  People don't believe me when i say it....but these three guys are about to take over the world. maybe i did say that already? Then spaghetti fell out. Did I mention we had been "experimenting" with Psychedelics?
....they have LSD and it costs 5$ each so we buy five hits each and take it. There is pretty quickly in my estimation, something very very wrong w/ my brain! Also the tequila! That can't be good, I am going & vomit! The girls will shit out-doors! Most every body's so high they didn't notice. It makes me feel better. That, and the bitter icy-cold of the outside on the balcony where I had been vomiting off of.

"Festive Acid Blotter"

I thought I was gonna die!!! But, obviously, since I'm writing this now...I survived this weird episode; admit it, you're glad I made it out OK? Frankly, I am too, because...if I hadn't made it through that ugly stretch of self-actualizing dumbfoundment....
 The scene, if it can be fathomable, degenerated from here. Wally had been experimenting with Datura stramonium earlier that evening, and as its effects started to kick in, his high absolutely, hands down squashed everybody else's.. Let's just say it was sorta heavy. He was so stoned, that the actual air and physical reality that surrounded him began to perceptively distort. Things got quiet. Too quiet. We felt we should just leave.
  On the way home every single snowflake was electrified and shone this trippy blue-green lightning surrounding it. When I finally did arrive home (must have taken hours!) I was appalled to notice that the Xmas tree smelled like mom. There was something else I was going to include in this blog-post...
but I forgot what I was talking about...

"Please disregard EVERYTHING this man says..."

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