I actually like Japanese Xmas, mainly because they don`t really `get`it and treat it as a sort of  racist joke on Westerners, which lines right up with my philosophy on the whole matter, completely. The big tradition over there is; to go get Kentuky Fried Chicken.(?)

I know what I`m having on December 25th
 also they buy special ``Chrisamisu kekkie`` which is katakana for ``christmas cake``
The joke here is that, like western xmas cake, no body really wants to eat it, and a day or two after xmas you see these stale cakes for sale at a drastically reduced prices. This has led to the unfortunate practice of nick-naming unmarried, over 30, Japanese women ``crisamisu kekkie`` like some stale, gross confection that nobody wants. Nice guys!
Mostly, it seems they primarily respond to Santa, I mean, who doesn`t, but I`m still not really sure they understand the finer details of this concept in the same way as us Westerners. I could be wrong - watch this video clip and see what you think.

 I guess its pretty much the same thing.

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