It must be great to be a Homeless Bum, not only do you never have to work, or change your clothes, or bathe even, but at Xmas, you totally proft! Proceeds from panhandling go up from 35-42% during the Holiday Season, and every soup kitchen and flop-house is doling out restaurant-quality hot meals, free, gratis, and for nothing! You can get;

1. Hot, freshly cooked turkey.
2, Stuffing.
3. Two vegetable.
4. Cranberry Sauce.
5. Gravy.
6. Kool-aid
7. all the "fixin's"

  And if you play your cards right, you can do the "circuit" and eat between 3 and 7 different meals at as many different charitable agencies.
   Useless winos and wasted bums really have it made during the festive season, half of the places give away free socks and you can have your pick of any item of warm clothing or blanket that people have donated. If any of these guys had a shred of ambition they could very well turn this opportunity into a thriving and profitable cottage-industry  re-selling this free shit, but of course they aren't poor because they have a surplus of motivation or any self-respect even. The brightest of the bunch merely lean hard on the "Whaaaa, poor me, I don't have anywhere to go, and I'm cold and (usually) hungry" bit and get small fortunes in chump change which they quickly convert into grain alcohol, ginseng brandy, or salted Chinese cooking wine.

Santa's Workshop 
   So, you see, Xmas isn't all bad. It is like manna from heaven for these parasites on society. The blind narcissism of "charitable giving" manages to keep thousands of indigents who would otherwise starve and die and reduce the numbers of those least able to contribute. Nice work there Jesus Freaks. At this rate, we will never get rid of the problem!

Thanks to you, this asshole's season is a little brighter.

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