I went in to get a quote; on my mortgage, you see... I wanted to see if I could get more money from them.
I had already cashed in my insurance policy, gambled that away PDQ in a shady forex scam, and I was really desperate for funds right now!

A kid can dream, can't he?
 What can I say? I was over extended, you don't need to be the graduate of several extended phd programs to figure that one out, do you? Hell, you don't even need to go to online university, even one with a half-decent mba rankings! Its simple math. go get yr. mba online... go check out teh colleges, they got video... and technology...and network security (!)

These new programs are BOSS!

Plus...everytime I gotta haul my 46+ year old ass up to the bus stop because I am a car-less motherfucker; and I catch sight of the "social milleue" (read looking at teenagers' asses) Dude...I ask myself..."Why did I let myself get kicked out of highschool????"

"Oh yeah...Right..."
  But of course; if I could go back in time...I'd just fuck that up too...  Its sad; isn't it, yes, but its true.


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