I found this video the other day, on another blog, and they were lauding it as the precursor to "Keyboard Cat"

There certainly is a lot going on in this film, I'm not sure where to begin. From the sonorous, belabored singing of 50s TV stalwart Andy Devine, to the audience of children; basically petrified with boredom, to the look on the animals' faces... Confusion! Agony! Torture! Especially the mouse! They simply duct-taped his little arms to some drumsticks, and you can see he is desperate to escape! It reminded me of this clip of "Twiggy The Water Skiing Squirrel"

Apparently "Twiggy" is not one, but a succession of squirrels as this stunt more often than not results in death for the rodent in question. If not from drowning, then from heart failure caused by sheer terror.

Humans love to anthropomorphisize everything around them... but at what cost? I find these sorts of cheap entertainments to be criminal in the least! Maybe these animals should get themselves a personal injury lawyer and sue for damages, up to, and including wrongful death!

Lastly, if you MUST have your animals perform for you, there are far more humane ways to go about it... take for example The Fabulous Rock Cats!

They seem to enjoy what they do, and they're actually a pretty good band if you're a fan of Aleatory Music. Besides, Boyd Rice is a fan!

"Boyd Rice is a Black Pimp" ; Charles Manson.

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