A Pause In The Proceedings

I've got to take a brief hiatus from my reporting of the events of last weekend, until I hear back from my Attorney regarding just exactly what I can and, would be advised NOT to, say in the up coming, explosive, and salacious parts 3 and 4. Let me tell you, it is some precarious ground I will be covering, and some even more precarious advice I might be ill-advided to follow, considering my lawyer is primarily a mesothelioma lawyer...

Anyway, after I coughed up this thing on wednesday, I might have a few things to discuss with him more suited to his specialty. Or maybe I should see a doctor instead? IDK?Here's a pic of the hairball I choked up, tell me what you think?

Early signs of mesothelioma?
  I should have known better than to go to that rave in the old asbestos storage facility : (
Anyways, I'll tell you (most of) all about it later this week, right now I have to do my chelation therepy.


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