HALLOWEEN : FORENSIC REPORT (part 2 - Saturday 29th October)

This is part two btw...did I mention that yet? It is actually OK b/cuz I will probably say it about 200 more times, so don't worry...What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah...Haloween...emm...That was like....Last Week.
I kinda remember waking up still drunk &; also still conveniently "fully-dressed" in my costume so i located one of the many full beers i had opened and taken one sip only from last night and got right back to the job at hand, as you; my avid followers know full-well...is Blogging!

hair of the (halal) dog goat

So you can see how desperate I am to party in that pic, no doubt! Me too! I felt like Death warmed over. OMG...just thinking about that horrid day makes me want to go to City Hall and Kill Everybody...jk.

but seriously...The "Osama bin Laden" thing just aint cuttin' it any more...now I need to wear some "DIFFERENT" kind of costume. & honestly, between you & me, if I was truly together...I would have several costumes already lined up so I could rotate them and then, potentially, be "trick or treating" 24 hrs daily for over 4 days of daylight savings, or whatever you call it?
anyway...I digress....

Long story short- i got a new costume.

"new costume"

I waited until the first kid came up to the house for "trick r treats" and when he knocked on my door...I clobbered him and took his mask. he started to complain..but my constant pummeling and verbal threats seemed to do their usual magic work and he got out PDQ. Godess bless the little fucker anyways because he got me the freakin' BEST Halloween mask ever. I simply got one of my gf's bolts of black fabric and draped myself into today's equivalent of "Death" (gun is mine{also loaded})

This is Saturday night, don't forget...We Are Here To Party!...so me & the gf "high-five" and decide to paint the town. Then we were delayed when we got in a fight just before we left the house because she insisted "paint the town red" and I said the much superior, in my opinion..."paint the town BLACK"

so I says "fuck it!" I'm stayin' home! fuck you! & go party your brains out....hahah

then she does it!!! holy shit , I'm thinking....I better go follow her...

first we get to a party outside of this place...

I've done worse, haven't you?
So, I'm thinking...I'm OK with this. I like to par-tay and I like to think I have an open mind...maybe I should just let myself "go with it" like the kids like to say?

First up...I totally didn't expect a "wife-swapping party" Especially since I apparently was the only guy who brought his wife...but that's ok...these guys seemed pretteh leghit teh meh...so I just "hung" and got with the "vibes" Good thing too b/cause all of the sudden, these guys (pictured below)  showed up and just as suddenly proceeded to hoist, carry, and partake my sweet innocent(?) gf away from me and go through a somewhat secure looking doorway into a room that was also quite summarily slammed shut in the face of my apparent curiosities as to the wild celebrations & goings on within!

putting a lot of time and effort results in a very convincing costume, especially if you can organize your friends into a thematic group
So it looks like it's the bottom of the first and it's ME : 0 - GF : 1 . or maybe Me : 0 -  GF : 16, actually...Now I'm panicking. My gf's a witch...she's wickid...if I don't make a psychical mirror of her Aktionisms I could very well find mine own end...or the universe's or both! so I obey...
My duty is to also get fucked...laid...have extra-marital sex in a phoney-looking disguise for just this weekend and just this weekend only, once yearly & only in the name of love, romance, and keeping our relationship alive... I don't even understand...but I worship my little black magic witch and let her call the shots.

This translates as... that, I have to now, put out actual effort, and actually go out and procure for myself... pussy. girls. bitches. ho's. It's all around me. It's actually one of the easiest things I've ever imagined I could do. It's almost romantic. Not romantic but necessary. Necessary b/cause me and the gf are competing. and not un-important, but totally important b/cause I'm losing (sha-grin!) So I drop my pride and glance 3/half inches upwards to spy the loveliest most comely lass...just shy of making me "break trust" and fall in love...words cant describe her loveliness...here is her picture...(*gasp)

don't tempt me, my darling
so now I'm hooked. I've gotten the Halloween spirit, the Mojo, dat as...I am all-in...I can totally work with this and my new-found lady-friend, who introduced herself as "Ralph" (such a pretty & unique name for such a pretty and unique young lady) and I summarily "decide" for "us" that "we" should both make me carry "us" both "out-back" or something, at least I was angling to get both of us outside to somewhere more conducive to romance and less conducive to criminal prosecution...then, just when I thought I couldn't fake being less conspicuous...COCK-BLOCK-her "gal-pal" no-rent room-mate shows up and steals my lovely away from our behind-the-dumpster-Arcadia...so harsh this world...my sweet...so fleeting it's pleasures....

brief encounter
Anyway, yes, Night #2 of Halloween 2011 is definitely in competition for second place amongst Friday's proceedings and the ones you just read here...but it's all good...it's not meant to be a competition...I'm just hoping my gf is ok...and if she is gonna come home anytime soon...or call me?...please...if you are reading this...honey...please call...

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