It's about time I broke it to you guys...yes...I am Mentally Ill.

Good! Now that we have that out of the way, let's see what I have prepared for you, my avid admirers, in this...my next (and most recent) BLOG POST!!!

O.K. So, obviously, it is about DRAG RACING. That's good! It creates a form of reference from which we can base all future transactions.

This is good, as well, because...I really like drag racing. There are records associated with this relevant interest of mine. Let us now look upon this LP recordings phenomenon.

I, personally, have been listening to a very big lot of Industrial/Noise/PowerElectronics/Extreme/AvantGarde musics whole loads all my life, so a few of these discs fit right into that niche genrefication nice 'n' tight. Download your own personal copies of 3 Drag Racing Classics HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Still, this garbage is different garbage. It is supported by three-dimensional plastic design! Made real by the work of one man...Big Daddy Roth

The Maestro himself, and pal, enjoy drive-thru

The ubiquitous RAT FINK

It's really America's answer to the Troll
Hot Wheels made millions, while the iconoclst behind these ingenious designs can barely make trouble

Dragula,seen here with The Munster Mobile, actually clocked a Land Speed Record of over 200 MpH

he also invented the Bat Mobile, you know...

So, as you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge about  underground drag racing culture to be found hidden between the cracks of this good old internet here. If you need to know more about this later-twentieth century spectacle, or the artifacts that have found it residual, you should try entering "search criteria" into this fantastic APP that I just recently discovered called Goolge Search Engine. Enjoy!

"Street Legal"

It can be a "Father & Sons" type enterprise

Drag racers get all the best girls!

Dreams of headin' out on the highway
I fucking LOVE Drag Racing!

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