In case you have been living under a rock, or anywhere near that out-of-touch location, and you haven't been hepped to the news, I will do you a huge favor, just this once and lay it on you.
There's this dude, and he's living down in SE Asia, and dig this!!! He collects naff 60's and 70's Asian Psych, Bubblegum, and Bovver-style hard rock records. If you are a fan of Sublime Frequencies, or Cambodian Cassette Archives, or records like Thai? Dai! The Heavier Side of The Luk Thung Underground, you will literally sh*t your pants when you arrive at MADROTTER (I envy even the name of this blog!)
Dude has, by far, the best collection of South East Asia's rarest hidden pop music gems from the later half of the 20th century. I'm not sure if a lot of his selections weren't actually quite well known in their countries of origin, but every one is a revelation to my ears. They are all guaranteed hits, none the less, just check out some of these...
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buddy here looks like my passport photo
This guy's record collection is beyond cool. I haven't heard of a single artist or band, seen here, before. But I don't know why, it's exactly the type of stuff I love. Long haired bands with names like "The New Rollies" and "Panbers" The thrill of discovery overtakes me every visit to MADROTTER

best hippy band name ever

These guys are a little bit of a current obsession of mine
the boys are back in town

Another thing I love about MADROTTER is that he doesn't give a flying f*** what condition the record covers are in. I mean, some are mint, ofter really cool looking. but some of them look like he found them in a flooded-out basement. I guess it's damp over there in Indonesia, and quiet a few of the LP jackets he regularly uploads are "mad rotten"
A few had obviously become un-salvageable and have been replaced with totally amateurish looking home-made cut-and-paste collages, that are, in and of themselves, utterly charming and quaint artifacts of Art Brut Pop Idolatry.

jacket not in the greatest "condish"

home made collage... An homage

now that I look at this factory original, the collage re-makes don't look so far from the mark

a fix-er-upper's dream

the stages of degradation
style over substance

Despite these minor drawbacks, his site absolutely rocks. This guy is a diligent and dedicated ripper and up-loader and there are about a million records to download and listen to on his blog so I suggest you go over there and improve your dismal taste in music.

South East Asia a-Go Go

you CAN judge a record by its cover - Magnificent!

I'm in

The jacket design blows my wee mind
koes plus are pretteh cool

this dude BRINGS IT

more Asian Bubblegum

gender-bending greatness

You can get these records pictured here, and many more (including warped worn-out cassette rips) over at MADROTTER. But don't just take my word for it, log in, +1, and follow him, so you can leave a comment in the comments section today.

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