Probably the greatest comic book to ever grace the news stands, the inimitable "Herbie The Fat Fury" remains peerless. As far as cartoon satire goes, it has never been equaled.

 When I see children enjoying garbage like the gormless Family Guy or the even more insipid American Dad, I fully realize that kids today have no concept of History. All they are witnessing is a cheap rip-off and vulgar distortion of a more inventive and charming original.

covers of issues # 4 & #5
 A little background...Herbie's parents are unaware of his great powers and fame, and his father repeatedly refers to him as a "little fat nothing". Herbie's dad, Pincus Popnecker, is a financial failure with one poorly-conceived scheme after another, but Herbie bails him out every time (and his dad takes the credit for being a business genius).

 Herbie is practically always shown with a lollipop, and lollipops are the main subjects of several stories. Herbie can "bop" adversaries with his lollipops, immediately defeating them. Herbie threatens others by asking them rhetorically, in his inimitable style of speaking, "You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?"

lots of mad-cap adventures, and crazy characters
 Herbie's Super Powers include:
  • Hypnotic eyes that can defeat opponents by staring
  • Famous throughout history and able to depend on the help of others
  • By talking to animals, able to gather information and use animal's abilities
  • Powerful lollipops (particularly hard-to-get cinnamon) provide superhuman strength and other special abilities
  • Punching, often very rapidly
  • Time travel (using a special lollipop and a grandfather clock)
  • Indestructibility — Herbie is often unaware he is even being attacked (at times muttering "Something...?")
  • Fly, but doing so by walking upright. In addition to being able to walk on air, he can walk underwater. Herbie can also fly underground and often breaks through walls
  • Invisibility — early on, Herbie could become invisible, but stopped using that power by the third Herbie issue
  • Magic — visiting the Unknown, a mysterious spirit world

Herbie deals with Chairman Mao in Issue #5 by feeding him worms
 Created by Richard E. Hughes (using the pseudonym "Shane O'Shea") and Ogden Whitney, comics writer Alan Moore has called Herbie his favorite "superhero."
 Herbie is emotionless, terse, irresistible to women, consulted by world leaders, and more powerful than the Devil.

I'm pretty sure this iconic advert is by the same artist
  Today's "artists" simply do not "get it." One needs only to peruse a single issue of the adventures of our sanguine hero to surmise this simple fact. I have posted Issues #4 & #5, here , available for download, so you may read, learn, and enjoy.


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