I need to post some xmas stuff on here just now to purge the ruin of internets that I have become obsessed with of late. So to begin, I will introduce you to "Santa Clause In Person (Santa Speaks!)"
taken from Cheerful Earful
"Okay, so any of you who want to hear what Santa really sounds like, here's your chance.  I have to admit, he pretty much sounds just like I expected him to.  This is a charming record, especially if you have little children."

Now don't get me wrong...this is a GREAT album...Santa is fully fleshed out on this one. A real Turkey-baster. But he isn't exaclty "what I'd expect" of course he sings too loud, is a little too jolly.he cuts in at the wrong moments,  but the way he comes across and his agressive demeanor is too young & fervent-sounding, overall, and maybe worst, he keeps saying "HA HA HA" instead of the usual, totally expected and universally accepted standard that is "HO HO HO" He seems manic, and eventually exposes himself as something an adult has conceived as being appealing to children. Its a tough listen, but repetition really pays off with this one folks. Trust me. DOWNTHECHIMNEY

next up I want to share with you a boring, unoriginal, and poorly produced platter issued from the good people at Red Barn Restaurants Inc. this piece of, hunk-o-shit is not only unlistenable, but came as a free gift when customers got a belly-ache from eating the rotten bilge vomit they serve up at Red Barn Restaurants. I'm glad they closed. but don't just take my word for it, lets see what thier Independantly run fan site has to say...
“There’s a long list of people who have never heard of these protests but it’s a story that left others stunned and would live in their minds for years to come.”
study more here

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