Let me first begin with a heartfelt and congratulatory Welcome. To my loyal followers, and to new friends from all over! You have arrived to the freshly unveiled, totally re-furbished, and lest I forget “New-Look” GOG & MAGOG!
Our staff of trained professionals has been busy gathering audience feedback, collating market response, and now we have CHANGED. In response to your public cries for aesthetic compliance, our team of experts has determined three (3) things about YOU our AUDIENCE. These are;

"we hear your concerns"

1.) CHANGE THE BACKGROUND! Our research shows a definite market economy that trends toward soothing colours and non-animated wallpapers that are seen as being the “now” and the “acceptable” amongst you, our most valued 18-25 demographic. 

"Highly Trained Professional"

   2.) WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING! Upon reviewing our empirical data we have concluded that susbcribers to GOG & MAGOG want to be kept up-to-date, spending over 3 minutes daily reading text and performing minor critical analysis. We appreciate this bell-curve in your viewing habits and will now include difficult written passages with every post, to keep you preoccupied and confused during your regular stays at GOG & MAGOG. 
And, lastly...

"Nous commen├žons La Belle Epoch"

 c)  WTF is up w/ yr blog man?  Yes, we take your concerns seriously here at GOG & MAGOG. We appreciate your feedback and are working to make your web viewing experience a better one. We understand that our subscribers value the thrill of recognition in paramount to the thrill of discovery and  we at GOG & MAGOG have re-vamped our strategy to focus on one subject and one subject only, instead of the many and sundry as we have in the past, this, so as to not intimidate and alienate those most familiar with Mom’s Home Cooking or the Proverbial  BigMac that taste's the same in Taipei as it does in Nebraska. 
"polishing, shining, everything like new!"
So without further ado, we are proud to present...
The new...
The improved...


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  1. ..... I'll believe it when I see it.