An Open Letter To The Fucking Idiot Who (-)Unfollowed My Blog

  When I was fine tuning the auto-play thing that causes seizures on GOG & MAGOG this morning I happened to notice my "followers" number had changed from its usual 228 to two-hundred and twenty seven only!!! Dafuq is that? You mean to tell me one of you actually had the nerve and audacity to UN-follow me! If you are reading this, which I suppose directly counteracts the purpose of (-)unfollowing, but still... I will find out who you are! Even though you have already been auto-removed from my followers list and I still have 227 who I don't even actually know more than 3 or 4 of, and they all go by pseudonyms, I'll still find you. In fact, I will do it right here! I am calling you out! How dare you ditch GOG & MAGOG, especially now, that it is about 64% less obscene/violent than it has been in recent months (well, maybe, a little) and I can't believe you are able to make ANY cohesive argument against my fantastic blog due to the fact it supplies ZERO cohesion to begin with (again; not so much)

"I Will Control All Your Cereals"
  Ah, fuck it! And fuck you! I'm done even trying to try. Do you realize how hard I work, stealing content and ideas from other websites, and how long I have struggled to fraudulently manipulate the google analytic stats of good old GOG & MAGOG and first they pull my clickfraud account with AdSense, then they G-Line me from Google Search all together (seriously, try searching for "gog & magog blogspot") And now this shit! You gotta be fuckin kidding me!

blogging is my LIFE
  All I have ever wanted to do was be a blogger, it has been my ambition all of my life, ever since I can remember, and I worked hard to realize those dreams, only to have them dashed against the rocks by an uncaring blogosphere, who's cowardice and indifference have cast me beyond obscurity, into sullen abnegation and despondent gloom.

I hate you!

The rest of you; Don't forget to +follow my blog


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Ahahahaha! xD
    Quit complaining.

  2. hey ,I brought you back up to 228 followers! please follow my blogs also,and link to me,as I will with you.Thanks,you should also check out ubm (unholy bong militia) a site similar to yours,but maybe even more offensive! thanks