Advance hearty

As followers depart and my numbers slowly diminish I can only hold that golden what once was, and reflect. The harbingers and their Saracen, cut all too the quick. They quickly become depleted in numbers. Its a page turned in history, turning the page back in time as it worked out, but he did it in the present and projected towards a future, some growth, in other words, it was con-temporized.   he was flipping back and forth.

diminishing returns... this phrase haunted him, that is for sure. he wasn't making nearly enough money to float this Super Rock scheme. If it wasn't for those Japanese guys who bought all his curling sweaters, and golf trophies with timepiece watches on them (?) He heard from  the punk guy at Scorn Records that there was a "market" and a little research with ask Jeeves and the dial-up and he was into some serious Japanese collector bulletin boards. there was all manner of American detritus that they had developed cultish fascination around and nobody here had figured it out yet. A guy flew in straight from Osaka to buy a trunk load of Olde Time Horseless Carriage and penny farthing themed knitwear. Top Dollar. You cant give it away over here.

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