Who Is In Charge of This Mausoleum?

They kept telling me to "shut up, shut up!"

They couldn't wait for me to get off at my stop. I hate Eglington!

I kept acting up. T he bus driver would have thrown me off, except I was the only passenger that attempted to talk to him.
He was bored; you know how it is, if I hadn't have talked to him he wouldn't have stayed awake that long; plus... he allowed me to go shoe-less! It was actually pretty boss for a city transit bus. Right up until the railroad train slammed dead on all the sudden. killed every last one of us ridin' that thar greyhound. Don't matter any now.

Back in my day you'd just maybe hear rumours about it; suggestions. Now; everybody has taken sale-able photogenic evidence. They have mapped their way backwards into fame.  it's like you know when its like you got all these comparisons; and you can take the stage. you sort of make the comparisonsons into the showcase of your inhabitation of the stage. terrorists do it with pipe-bombs. comedianes do it with imitating each other. emulating.

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