The thing about click-fraud is, I used to be able to assemble random pictures That I had gathered online into relatively coherent (or not) "narratives", little picture stories illustrating my journeys through the Internet. Whatever that means, I think  I was at least providing some sort of context for these image sets, that was somewhat original even if the source material was not. I liked the ideas of collage, copyright and "acceptable use"

At any rate, my participation in click-fraud changed all that. I began to focus primarily on composing keyword rich writings. Not so much stories as collections of contextual-ad manipulating terms and phrases.

Now that my AdSense account has been shut down by the Google Man, I am left with somewhat of a quandary. I feel the need to compulsively update my blog, have no desire to continue with my serialized keyword salads, and I seem to have forgotten how to actually do my semi-random image stories. All month I have been merely robbing videos, mostly from VIDEOTHUNDER, and occasionally making weak passes at finding my own shit around the interweb.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to actual fans of GOG & MAGOG, all 3 of you. But I promise, I am examining this situation, and will do my best to remedy it as soon as possible, but to be honest, I have no ideas and might have to pull the plug on this garbage once and for all.

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