If you have been struggling with your blog's SEO and need more visitors, I have for you a little app that generates traffic at the rate of about 20 000 views every 24 hours. It is called "Jingling Flow SEO Helper" and even though it is in Chinese it is still totally simple to use (English instructions included with download) I'm using it right now, just check my visitor counter to the right of this article to see proof of how well it works. Do you honestly believe THIS blog can get That many views? Seriously. When I turn it off for a day I get about 100 views and about 50 of those are residual "echo views" that just follow the algorithm like a school of dying sardines. But don't just take my word for it, download your own copy of the JINGLING FLOW SEO HELPER today from this link (it says

  I know you are asking, "How does it work?"so, I will tell you.

  Jingling Flow SEO Helper generates randomly chosen IP addresses culled from the web and directs them at your web page. They are REAL IP addresses, the catch is they aren't real visitors, but Google doesn't know this. All Google sees is that your website now has upwards of a quarter million views a month, and your CPC will skyrocket. Now all you have to do is convince friends of yours in other cities to click on the ads on your site (.edu and lawyer ads pay best) and you can make thousands of dollars every month simply for sitting on your ass and blogging.

A little bloggity about shtuff

  The only drawback I found with this scheme is that no one really believes you when you tell them how much money you make, and when you say you are a "Blogger" they immediately assume you are unemployed and still live with your parents, but trust me, when you start getting those adsense payments sent EFT you wont care what they think.

They laughed at me, but I'm the one laughing now

  Another good place to find other bloggers who want to exchange illegal clicks is 4chan. If you hang out on /b/ long enough you will see "Blogger Threads" where they recruit new members who trade clicks on secret IRC chatrooms. If you don't immediately see a "blogger thread" create one yourself and they will find you. Believe me, they are always looking for new members.

some helpful hints

  I retired from click fraud myself (got banned) but I will pass this info along to you because I am filled with resentment towards Google and I want them to PAY! So take this little tip from me as a Xmas Bonus, and enjoy your FREE INTERNET MONIES. Do it now because by this time next year you most likely wont be able to.

opportunities are going up in smoke

  And by the way, if you are wondering why I still run my "Jingling Flow SEO Helper" even though I no longer get money from Google Adsense, it is because I want my page view numbers to roll over to Two Million at midnight on New Year's Eve 2012. Come visit me here at GOG & MAGOG on December 31st around Midnight and ring in the 2 Million-Views New Year 2013 with me. After that I'm closing the blog for good and you can all go and fuck yourselves.

I've had all I can take and I can't take it no more!

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