I love these out-dated computers, and the way they look. That the mid-century aesthetic has been abandoned in their contemporary counter-parts is simply criminal.

 Check out the electronic stylus for "on screen" drawing, a precursor of the cursor!

 Takes two guys with a degree to operate this clunker! The guy typing probably needed  a PhD to program it!

During the 80s the university was throwing these beasties into the garbage, now you would need to take out a mortgage to buy one!

 Back when this rig was brand new, the egg-heads predicted there would be one in every home by the late 70s. Then we would all communicate via video phones and attend online university, etc.

 I like how it's a bunch of dudes calling the shots, while the women do all the hands-on work.

The hippies really picked up on the creative applications of these early technologies. Nerd-hippies that is, they probably all went on to become lawyers.

The roadies for this guy risked great personal injury every time they had to move his set-up.

It all must have seemed like sorcery to the laymen back then. You would have to be in college to even know computers existed.It is amazing how far we have come...


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    The last picture reminds me of Stargazer by Rainbow. Great song.

    But older machines do look more futuristic than machines we have now. It's like there was a sense of wonderment put into the designs. Now, everything is just as sleek and rounded as possible.

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Ha! In 5 years I can't wait for my phone and laptop to qualify for this post!