Of recent I have looked into the Blogger "stats" folder to find that I have a sudden spike in "followers", favorites of Your's Truly, obviously, and my "comments" forum has been a veritable hornet's nest of open debate and controversy! I am doing my best to reply to all my newly formed legion of fans, and now that my mission to reside in the spotlight is complete, I see it as my duty to personally respond to each and every one of you. I see it as my responsibility or as the very least I am going to do. the computerized process by which I endeavor to respond to your "comments" in the comment section, draws my attention first to the page of your own, many & sundry, blogspot accounts. You see, dear reader, I only recently as last night, discovered that if I tap my computer pointer at the comment subject, I can reply directly. As it were, I have been redirecting myself toward your blogs, and I somehow feel obliged to comment on what you may, or may not have posted there. Let me first just say this. There is a lot of interesting work done by amateurs, and to be called an amateur is no insult. That being said, you people are a bunch of amateurs. After checking out your blogs, I now sort of understand why all my grade school teachers were like the way they were like (horrible), they had to plow through mountains of this type of sludge. phoned-in half-smart, shallow, obvious false-fronts and bearded portmanteau. I mean, if I had the slightest idea what Yughio was(it's a card game, I think. ed.) I might be able to glean some interest, but you guys should maybe try to broaden out, expand your horizons a little, and think of a more general audience. The logic goes, if it isn't attractive to everyone why would a specialist feel any differently. anyways I could care less about Yucky-o. When we were kids we were content to engage in hand to hand combat with class-room supplies. Pro-tip; in a ruler sword fight, it is advisable to use the wooden variety. The plastic, whilst stealthy, has a tendency to shatter. As for yogi-oh Never played it. Its those guys who hang out in model shops on saturday when everybody else is outside having fun. Like I said before, hobbyists.

Something else I don't bother with much is trading in Forex. What I am guessing about the person who maintains the Trading in Forex blogspot is, that they actually are interested in some form of day-tradings and money-markets. What I don't know is how they find it interesting. It's pretty dull. I suppose that's the point. It gets rid of poor people like me by making itself so unattractive. Like, is that even realistic? Forex is some kind of con-game isn't it. correct me if I'm wrong but you are supposed to "buy in" to things like Forex aren't you? What I wont believe is, why would anyone, give their hard earned money to a stock-trader? If If he's supposed to be such a financial whiz with money, why does he need mine so bad?
Sounds simple right. Besides, Forex reminds me of Amway, which in turn reminds me of People's Temple Guyana. Its all kinda the same.

Anyways now that I know how to reply to your messages I will do it here in the "comments forum" I must admit, after the disappointments that are all your blogs, I was expecting the comment section to be alive with personality and charm, and I was fully unprepared to the utter dearth of imagination and abject poverty of thought found therein.
I shall aim to be Civil, but Kindness may be a task too far.


  1. nice post, ur background is giving me a headache lol

  2. couldnt read your post since i epillepsy'd halway through

  3. i love the post but you gotta do something about your design though :(

    it's not good when scrolling is laggy or creepy music starts playing automatically lol.

    just a suggestion you dont have to follow it

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I'm having a headache because of your background. (I'm high.) lol

  5. Still need to fix your design dude.

  6. I think it's your background... it hurts my eyes, i suspect it's hypnotizing us to interact with you.

  7. thanks man, glad you liked this post. but , between you and me...i don't actually believe you read it. that's maybe just me, bro (sic.) but, y'know, untill you prove otherwise...please stop posting at this blog-spot.
    respond specifically to this re-buttal to your original comment, and i will admonish you fully & entirely. until then...fuck you.

  8. your head, and the amount it might be of little concern of mine. how dare you come here to my blogspot domain and sully it with your cheapened abuses. if you think , that for one minute, i will put up with your half-dumb responses to what i alone have built up through hard work and petty few resourses than you have another thing coming to you sweety.
    if you would like to come over to my house and say that to my face, you fucking coward, i could enjoy that very much. until then, go arse-hole yerslf against a deleted schooner, twerp!

  9. it's not , like, "where do you come up with this nonsense?" but , like, why????
    it demonstrates a lack of willingness to actually try to make an effort to lie convincingly, when telling the truth is already lost as an option.
    the worst sort of lazy, stupid, thief. it has decided that it is entitled to steal so it acts un-impinged. class act. 0/10