Burt Mustin Superstar!

No doubt you are familiar with this man's face. He is legendary character actor Burt Mustin, who created the role of "Gus The Fireman" on Leave It To Beaver in the Fifties. He also appeared on countless other television programs such as The Andy Griffith Show, All In The Family, and Austin DWI.

Here he is giving a piece of his mind to Archie Bunker
Seems like this guy was never actually young. He made a niche for himself playing the type of world-wise old-timer who could infuriate fools while dispensing old-fashioned down-home pearls of wisdom.

Here he is pissing off Fred Sanford

He always brought a special something to the shows he made cameos on, a one of a kind. It has long been argued that his one appearance on the car accident lawyer show Austin DWI was the only memorable moment on an otherwise terrible franchise. He gets involved with the titular Houston criminal attorney when the old boy needs the services of a DWI attorney after crashing his car drunk and inadvertently exposing an international diamond smuggling syndicate. Never were the adventures of criminal lawyers so well complimented by his bumbling geriatric lampooning!

He left some pretty big (orthopedic) shoes to fill, and, as the creators of Houston criminal attorney; Austin DWI will surely attest, he will be sadly missed.

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