BRUTON MUSIC - "Current Affairs

I like best the genre of Library Music. I used to like Power Electronics, and Afro-Noise, so I suppose it is a progression. The internet is to blame, the record stores wont stock it. Maybe the thrift stores. That would be a find! The packaging is brilliant.

                           CREA SOUND - SUPER FLASH

If you play this music in the background, even under the tv and radio, it makes everything cinematic. It sort of imposes the dramatic intent of the composition upon your waking life. Bruton Music puts out a steady stream of good Moog sounds.

 What is this Hans Elder guy? Is he some sort of Prog Rocker? The album comes off as really naff Krautrock...on side one, with the singing, that is...but side two!!! he busts into, full on, some of the baddest Library jams yet. Unbelievable.

                       Hans Edler - Elektron Kuk├ęso (1971)

OK These guys...Distortions Pop...besides having a great name and single handedly the best album cover, are actually considered Prog by collectors of Prog. The music is pretty groovy Acid-Library.

                          SONIMAGE - DISTORTIONS POP

 "concepts", moogs, studio musicians and state of the art recording technology. A symbiosis with Prog for sure. Example; Corviria - Psyco Analysis...

                         CORVIRIA - PSYCHO ANALYSIS

On the very obscure Squirrel records out of Italy (home of the famed Accadde a library). This one is psychotic space sound with an insane vintage drum machine + electronics track called seagull song. Very moody music diagraming in sound the various pathologies of mental illness. Who is the mysterious person behind this record ? My guess is it is Daniela Casa (based on sound) but could be just about anyone. If anyone has any tips on who this might be please share them!

All these rips thanks to other blogs like THE LIBRARY HUNT and 36 15 MOOG...check them out today

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